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Summary: The Melodic Key This key is a twenty year old male with short blond hair, wide pale blue eyes and extremely long eyelashes. He's rather short (around 5'5 or so) with a lean build. He has a tiny (thin) scar on his left cheek. He's usually confined to one room, but may wander into a few other rooms in the mansion in which he resides. The time period is the 1700s in London, and classical music is at its peak. The room he spends most of his time in is filled to the brim with various instruments belonging to his owner, many of which he has taught himself how to play. The instruments are what keep him calm and pacified. Everything he knows is music and his owner. He doesn't mind his home life, as all he wants is to make his owner happy. Sometimes he likes to take on the temperament and behaviours of a kitten to cheer his owner up. He doesn't, however, like fire. He's extremely afraid of it and hates it when even little things like cigars are lit. Any inkling of fire makes him cower in fear. He lives to be submissive to his owner, and loves when there's a bit of domination from the other side.
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