The Dilemma of Not Growing Old by Beren
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Summary: Methos walks a fine line with the Watchers as Adam Pierson and he knows people are beginning to ask questions, so it is time to move on, but there's just one problem with that.
Rated: PG
Categories: Highlander Characters: Joe Dawson, Methos
Genres: romance, slash
Pairing: Joe/Methos
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Word count: 3321 Read: 1701
Published: 29/10/09 Updated: 29/10/09
Story Notes:
This was written for Claire, who requested Methos/Joe in the minority pairing panel at Connotations. I hope you like it, Claire :). Thanks to Soph for the beta :).

1. Chapter 1 by Beren [Reviews - 0] (3321 words)