Barkeep by Thwax
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Summary: Methos goes to visit McLeod, but instead finds Richie looking after the dojo. Their meeting should have been uneventful, but there are others also looking for The Highlander, old friend of Methos as well, and not even Methos can prepare Richie for the force that is the four musketeers.
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Categories: Highlander Characters: Aramis, Athos, D'Artangnan, Methos, Porthos, Richie Ryan
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Published: 20/04/10 Updated: 20/04/10
Story Notes:
I wrote this in 1996 and had a lot of fun doing it. What if the Musketeers had been Immortal? I fell in love with Alexandre Dumas’ story when I saw the 1973 movie the Three Musketeers, but decided it was a good idea for an xover when I saw the 1993 Disney version. I came to the conclusion that Porthos got most of the best lines and most of them have been used in the (I hope) amusing interlude that follows. The ages of the Musketeers is based on the Disney dating system which decided that the Musketeers were around during Louis XV’s (1717-1774) reign, I apologise to those who know better, but since the rest is based on the plot of the movie, not the book (Disney made its usual adaptations), I figured I had to be consistent.

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