Chemical Reaction by Beren
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Summary: Darien is involved in an accident when a mission goes bad and it changes many things.

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Categories: The Invisible Man Characters: Bobby Hobbes, Darien Fawkes
Genres: slash, action/adventure
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Published: 03/04/06 Updated: 03/04/06

1. Chapter 1 by Beren [Reviews - 35] (12919 words)

Disclaimer: The I-man characters are all the creation of an evil genius who has infected the general population with the inescapable need to write them. I make no claim on them and I am not making any money from this fic. 

Timeline: Before the end of season 1, post Diseased 

Spoilers: Various from season 1 

Comments: Firstly thanks to my beta reader Al, without whom this fic would look like typo central and I would be stood against a wall and shot for my interpretation of the use of commas :-).  Chemical Reaction started as one scene with Darien strapped to a bed (now there's an image to get lost in) but it grew <eg>.